• Active Business Planning

    Businesses are expanding into foreign markets and as such, effective “tax minimization planning” has become a key to shareholder success. Advance planning is essential for businesses looking to expand their presence internationally.

    We are ready to work with you and your advisors to ensure the proper offshore structure is designed to meet your international business objectives.

  • Choosing the Right Offshore Corporate Structure

    International investments for high net worth private clients are frequently held through an offshore company, typically an International Business Company (“IBC”).

    Active business companies often require combinations of different corporate forms such as the following:

    • Regular Barbados Domestic Company (RBC)
    • Domestic and/or International Society with Restricted Liability (SRL)
    • Domestic and/or International Segregated Cell Company (SCC)
    • Offshore Bank & Trust Company (OBTC)
    • Exempt Insurance Company (EIC)
    • Qualifying Insurance Company (QIC)

    Such corporations enjoy all the advantages normally associated with corporate entities; i.e., legal existence separate from shareholders, transferability of share ownership and limited liability for shareholders.

  • Corporate Accounting and Administration Services

    J&T has a dedicated team of experienced, professional accountants and administrators willing to assist our clients with any business service required. We offer a  full range of international corporate business services throughout the Caribbean and beyond. Our services are wide ranging and include maintaining  accounting records, payroll management, financial statement and tax return preparation, purchase ordering and sale invoicing, to name a few. The qualified team also work jointly with the client appointed external auditor to ensure compliance with jurisdictional audit requirements.



  • Corporate Management Services

    By thoroughly understanding our clients’ international business we are able to provide "central management and control" through management functions carried out by personnel based in Barbados and elsewhere. Through our global network of strategic alliances, we can provide a customized corporate structure that will meet your needs, including the appropriate international personnel to manage and administer your offshore entities.

  • Corporate Secretarial Services

    J&T Bank and Trust’s comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services includes acting as incorporator, government licensing of corporations where required, obtaining Barbados Central Bank foreign currency permissions, acting as registered corporate secretary or agent, the provision of local resident directors, and officers, registered office facilities, corporate records maintenance, required annual meeting attendance and minutes.

  • Investment Holding Companies

    At J&T Bank and Trust, we recognize the desire of high net worth individuals to seek tax minimization and creditor protection in the international community. The challenge has been raised in recent years with the introduction by high-tax jurisdictions of stricter international trust and investment holding company rules. J&T Bank and Trust’s professionals and associates know how to structure tax effective international trust and corporate vehicles to achieve higher after-tax returns on investments. J&T Bank and Trust can arrange for the appropriate company in the most suitable international jurisdiction, either in the Caribbean or elsewhere, to meet your investment objectives. We establish and provide ongoing management and maintenance of your corporate investment entities.