A Unique Approach to Global Private Banking, Wealth Management, Offshore Banking, Trust, Tax & Estate Planning & Structures

J&T Bank and Trust, a Barbados chartered bank which is part of the J&T Group. It is located on the Caribbean Island of Barbados offers a variety of private banking and investment management solutions to high net worth individuals and corporations.Our tailored approach to wealth management includes a full array of services, ranging from private banking facilities to trustee and company services to offshore financial planning for most offshore jurisdictions, specially designed to meet your needs.

A Major International Financial Centre

Beyond its allure as a world-renowned tourist destination, Barbados has become a major global financial centre as a result of its long tradition of political stability, supportive regulatory environment and sophisticated financial infrastructure. Barbados is the offshore to many of the world's major financial institutions and also has an extensive network of tax treaties that facilitate tax-efficient wealth creation and management for global investors.

A Commitment to Relationships

J&T is committed to crafting tailored wealth management solutions and providing the highest standards of personalized service to individual and corporate clients. Through our global network of financial professionals, readily accessible electronically, and supported by state-of-the-art technology, we provide the key to enable our clients to achieve the maximum benefit from a comprehensive range of global opportunities.

The Offshore Advantage

The key benefits of investing offshore include asset diversification, confidentiality, potential tax efficiency, and protection from professional liability and other claims and the imposition of taxes of foreign nations through the creation of trusts and other personal and corporate structures. Offshore investing can also be one of the most effective and efficient means to transfer wealth to family and dependents.


J&T Bank and Trust is regulated by the Central Bank of Barbados. It is committed to complying with all Anti-Money Laundering regulations and Know your Client requirements.