Offshore financial planning can provide risk management, enhanced privacy, estate planning and the opportunity for tax mitigation. You can access the same investment vehicles that are available "onshore" or choose from a vast universe of offshore investment managers that are not provided to domestic investors.

Further, expatriates working or retiring abroad improve tax and residency status by moving their investment portfolios away from the country they are leaving behind. Canadians residing abroad can go to our investor resource section for helpful information on emigrating from Canada and our relocation services. (Click for Investor Resources)

Investing Offshore provides a world of investment choices and flexibility

In common law jurisdictions, trusts represent a fiduciary relationship between a person who willingly relinquishes control of some or all of his/her assets to a trusted advisor (the trustee) for the benefit of a defined person(s), group or organization (the beneficiary). Barbadian trusts come in two distinct forms: fixed interest and discretionary. Discretionary trusts, in which the trustee has wide latitude or discretion in managing trust assets, are by far the most common.

Key Benefits of Trusts

  • Tax and estate planning flexibility.
  • Asset and creditor protection.
  • Avoidance of forced heirship requirements.
  • Protection against foreign exchange controls or public
  • Protection against personal lawsuits.
  • Protection of assets against the break-up of a relationship, including marriage.
  • Possible deferral and/or reduction of personal income taxes, capital gains tax and wealth and/or death duties for settlor.

Asset Protection Trusts
If an individual has significant net worth (usually US$1 million or greater) and wants a portion of their estate protected from claims of creditors, including family members, then an Asset Protection Trust ("APT") is the correct offshore vehicle for them. The primary consideration of the client is asset protection and not tax avoidance. An APT is tax neutral insofar as there will be attribution of income and/or capital gains back to the Settlor which must be reported.

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International Business Companies
An International Business Company (IBC) is a legal entity incorporated in an offshore jurisdiction for commercial or personal purposes. While they can perform any number of different functions, the most important role of an IBC is to provide personal financial and estate planning flexibility as well as ease of corporate succession planning. An IBC based in Barbados also benefits from the island's progressive tax regime and double-taxation treaties with other major nations.

Key Benefits of IBCs

  • Investor confidentiality.
  • All or only some of your worldwide assets may be controlled by an IBC.
  • Beneficial ownership of the shares of an IBC remains strictly confidential.
  • Tax and estate planning flexibility.

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Barbados is a low-tax offshore jurisdiction. Through a double-taxation treaty network with leading G7 and other major industrialized nations, global investors benefit from significant tax relief on their investments. In addition, the requirements and costs of investing through Barbados are considerably lower than those of competing offshore jurisdictions. There are no taxes payable in Barbados on interest income, dividends, management fees or royalties. There is no capital gains tax or transfer tax for domestic residents.

Tax Treaties
Barbados has tax treaties with many of the G7 and major industrialized nations, including Canada, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S. Barbados has also entered into bilateral investment treaties with Canada, Cuba, Italy, Germany, the U.K. and Venezuela.

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